Monday, January 28, 2013

Nottingham Business School training with Derwent Pursuits

For once I am happy to see the back of the snow!
We have a very busy week ahead with the final planning and preparation for the February intake from Nottingham Business School of students on the International Masters course.
It is always a challenging programme to run with so many nationalities involved but also a very rewarding event to be part of. We have a great team of facilitators and activity staff on this year so we are really looking forward to it.
Derwent Pursuits Ltd are briefed to get the students talking, working and thinking together as well as molding and shaping a self-supporting bunch of individuals together to help see them through a very intense academic year ahead on this prestigious course from Nottingham Business School.
Based in the Peak District at the Nightingale Centre in Great Hucklow, students are exposed to several business models and theories which are experienced in a practical way through initiative problem solving tasks and other physical challenges that could see them abseiling, rock climbing, orienteering and even caving!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working with Gradbach Scout Camp Groups

We have just have a very positive meeting with Mark Rushworth, the manager and head warden at Gradbach Scout Camp - what a nice chap! We were exploring how  (without going to Alton Towers) we can offer the best service adventures and activities or the visiting groups.

2012 saw an increase in activities we provided for the visiting scouts including rock climbing at one of the iconic Staffordshire Peak District crags, The Roaches. This was done under our Rock Climbing Peak District brand - 

We also took several scout groups abseiling at Millers Dale Bridge, one of the Peak Districts best abseiling venues on the Monsal Trail between Bakewell and Buxton. The abseil at Millers Dale is off an old railway bridge over the spectacular River Wye. We launch from one of the arches  over the middle of the river. AWESOME! We are hoping in 2013 that more groups will cycle in to the Abseiling Derbyshire venue and combine the activity. This makes a great full day of activities in the White Peak area of the Peak District giving a contrast to the more rough and rugged Staffordshire Moorlands area.

 An 80' free hang abseil over a river is not to be sniffed at and what a fantastic photo opportunity to take back and show your family and class mates.

We also had the chance to work on-site at Gradbach Scout camp providing archery and bushcraft to scout groups from many parts of the country. The archery was done under our banner and the bushcraft under our brand.

2013 is a very busy year for the scout camp and several groups are booking activities with us already and we are looking forward to having some adventures with the scouts.

Bring it on! 

We have got lots of other things happening this year as well as working with scouts. In February we are working with Nottingham Business School on their International Masters Induction progromme and then from March onwards with Gilders Motor Group developing their first line managers potential.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Derbyshire abseiling adventures - made easy!

Christmas and New Year is a quiet time here because there aren't so many bushcraft or archery events happening, fewer stag parties and hen parties abseiling from scary heights and the schools and universities are closed for the festivities.

Book online to avoid hanging around
So here at Derwent Adventures we have faced new challenges and scaled new technological and marketing heights with this new blog (beware the puns in this post btw) plus we've added a new booking system on the Abseiling Derbyshire website.  Now all you have to do is click on a date to check how many abseiling places we have available at Millers Dale Bridge for that session.  We don't want to keep you hanging about so there is now the option to pay by Paypal there and then if you want to.

Soon to come are online systems for customer self-sufficiency when it comes to booking  Moorlands Bushcraft and Rock Climbing Peak District.

Oh the fun, adventures and challenges we've had conquering our admin and IT over the holidays!  If you are good at all that office stuff we can't wait to help you have fun, adventures and challenges .... in the great outdoors (where we at Derwent Adventures belong).